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Senior Match Dates 2021/22

Your MAS senior match schedule for 2021/22

Please keep an eye out on the Match and Competitions group for the formats of the different types of competition. Or just ask if you’re interested!

There is pretty much something for everyone!

M.A.S Match Schedule 2021/22

Date              Location               Match
10th Jan       Bog Grove            Winter League 1
24th Jan      Slough West         Winter League 2
7th Feb        Little Park           Winter League 3
21st Feb      Bog Grove           Winter League 4
7th Mar      Slough West        Winter League 5
21st Mar    Little Park            Winter League 6
10th/11th Apr Howells 24hr Carp Match 1

18th Apr Slough House Carp v Coarse 1

16th May Rook Hall Biggest Tench Match

30th May Heron Hall Carp v Coarse 2

5th/6th Jun Slough House 24hr Carp Match 2

13th Jun Totham Pit Tom Martin Memorial
27th Jun    Slough House   Summer League 1
11th Jul     Heron Hall       Summer League 2
25th Jul     Little Park        Summer League 3
8th Aug     Totham Pit Biggest Bream Match
22nd Aug  Slough House    Summer League 4
5th Sep      Bog Grove          Summer League 5
11th/12th Sep Totham Pit 24hr Carp Match 3

19th Sep    Slough West      Summer League 6

3rd Oct Slough House (both) Presidents Match

9th/10th Oct Howells 24hr Carp Match FINAL

17th Oct Little Park Carp v Coarse 3

31st Oct Venue TBC Canal Open

14th Nov Slough West Carp v Coarse 4

28th Nov Venue TBC Canal Open

28th Nov Totham Pit Pike Open

12th Dec Venue TBC Canal Open

9th Jan        Bog Grove       Winter League 1
23rd Jan     Slough West    Winter League 2
6th Feb       Little Park       Winter League 3
20th Feb     Bog Grove       Winter League 4
6th Mar      Slough West    Winter League 5
20th Mar    Little Park       Winter League 6

Tight Lines!