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Concessionary Match Dates

The 2018-19 fixtures are also available as a pdf:  Maldon Angling Society Concessionary Fixture List 2018

Concessionary fixture list 2017/2018

6th    Feb                          Bog Grove (25)

13th  Feb                         Heybridge Basin

20th  Feb                         Little London Reservoir  (18)

27th  Feb                         Bog Grove  (25)     Meal

6th     Mar                       Rook Hall  (25)

13th   Mar                       Papermill Lock


Maldon Angling Society Fixture List  2018/19

10th  April   Bog Grove                          Concessionary cup                  (23)

17th  April    Rook Hall                                                                                (25)  

24th  April     Slough House Farm                                                              (23)     *    meal

1st     May      Little London Reservoir                                                      (19)

8th     May      Oakford   top lake      away                                                (18)

15th   May      Rook Hall Farm                                                                     (25)     *

22nd   May      Little Park                                    Penn Cup                         (20)

29th    May      Slough House  Farm                                                            (23)         meal

5th       June      Oakford  middle lake    away                                            (18)

12th     June      Rook Hall Farm                                                                    (25)     *

19th     June       Boreham  Black Bridge                                                        

26th     June       Slough House Farm                                                           (23)      *   meal

3rd      July           Heron hall & Slough West          pairs                             (20)

10th      July        Papermill Lock                               Alf Burton Cup                  

17th      July         Oakford  top lake           away                                           (18)

24th      July          Rook hall farm                                   snr ctzns cup         (25)

31st      July          Boreham black bridge                                                                    *  meal

7th        Aug          Slough house farm                                                           (23)

14th      Aug          White House farm                                                           {18}      *

21st      Aug          A12 Cuton Lake            away        4pm                            (20)

28th      Aug          Slough West                                                                       (19)        meal

4th        Sept          Bog Grove                                                                          (23) 

11th    Sept            A12  Cuton Lake           away        4pm                            (20}                 

18th    Sept             Little Parks  both lakes                                                    (20)         *

25th    Sept             Rook Hall   farm                                                                (25)          meal

2nd      Oct              Heybridge Basin

9th      Oct                 Lakelands     Wood Lake/Lily Lake    4pm                     (20)

16th    Oct                 Tesco’s                                                                                             *

23rd    Oct                  Slough House farm                                                          (23)

30th    Oct                  Slough West                                                                      (19)        meal

6th      Nov                  Lakelands      Wood lake/Lily lake         4pm                 (19)

13th    Nov                  London Reservoir                                                             (18)         *

20th    Nov                   Bog Grove                                                                         (23)

27th    Nov                    Tesco’s                                                                                             meal

4th      Dec                     Papermill Lock                                                                                 *

11th    Dec                     Bog Grove             Xmas match                                      (23)

18th    Dec                     Tesco’s                                                                                              meal

25th    Dec                      Xmas day                            no match

1st      Jan 2019             New years day                     no match

8th Jan                            Lakelands         Lily Lake/Wood Lake        3pm           (18)

15th    Jan                       London  Reservoir                                                           (18)    *

22nd   Jan                        Tesco’s                                                              

29th   Jan                         Bog Grove                                                                        (23)    *  meal

5th     Feb                         Papermill Lock

12th   Feb                         Tesco’s                         Askew cup

19th  Feb                         Bog Grove                                                                         (23)

26th  Feb                          Tesco’s                                                                                          *  meal

5th    Mar                         London Reservoir         Ted  Cormwell cup                  (18)

12th  Mar                       Tesco’s

19th   Mar                       Rook Hall Farm                                                                  (25)