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Sad news of the death of Dick Berris

Ladies and gentlemen,
You may have seen the very sad announcement from Wayne Berris that his father Dick has very sadly passed away and I’m sure all our thoughts are with him and his family.
After a brief discussion it has been agreed that the car park swim on Slough House Farm, will now be known as the Dick Berris swim or ‘Dicky’s’ in honour of him as it was his favourite swim on his favourite water.
I only met him once, but really enjoyed the brief time I spent with him. So now we have a lasting and fitting memorial.
R.I.P Dick and tight lines to you always.
The MAS team

2021/22 MAS membership now sold out


Dear all,

I’ve just heard from the membership secretary Paul Kyffin that we have hit the 1,000 cap now and are completely sold out. Any applications from now on will be returned to the applicatant.

Sorry to anyone who’s missed out, and to all our members new and old, we hope you enjoy the club and have a fantastic season.

All the very best and tight lines

The MAS team

Chelmer Canal Trust work party Saturday 8th May




Next Chelmer Canal Trust Work Party, Saturday morning, 8th May. NO!! It’s NOT cancelled!


We believe we are now in a position to be able to start our regular Chelmer Canal Trust Work Parties again. We’ll obviously be adhering to all current Covid guidelines, and hope that doing so will reassure you that you can take part and participate safely. Many of us will have had our two jabs!

For our work party next Saturday, 8th May, we’ll be meeting at the car park near Beeleigh Lock, on the road to Maldon Golf Club. There are plenty of options of where we will work in the area, but regulars will perhaps be pleased to know that we WON’T be working in the Langford Cut! If you aren’t sure how to get to the car park hopefully these directions will help: head to Langford and Ulting Village Hall on the B1019 Langford Road (CM9 4SS). Immediately opposite the village hall, beside the Museum of Power, is the road to the golf club. Take this (beware of the speed bumps) to a small car park either side of the road just before the bridge over the Navigation. This map might help: Beeleigh Lock.

We’ll be setting off at 9am. Everyone is welcome of course and we can find jobs for all who attend. We’ll be working from a work boat and the riverbank and we especially welcome anyone who can take to the water in a small craft – as they literally extend our reach!

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the prevailing conditions. All tools and equipment are provided – but you are welcome to bring anything that works especially well for you. As ‘regulars’ will know, we stop for refreshments (Covid-appropriate) about half way through the Work Party and try to finish by about 12.30pm – but by all means leave earlier if you need to do so.

We hope to see you on Saturday.

So that we have a record of who intends to be at the Work Party please reply to this email saying that you plan to be there. And of course, please ensure that you are able to comply with our Covid ‘good practice’ guidelines:

  • Maintain appropriate distancing and only take part in tasks in which you feel comfortable and can comply with the restrictions
  • Clean your hands regularly; we’ll have some sanitiser but for ease of access it would be good if you could also bring your own
  • Wear a face mask if you want to and ask others working close to you to do so if that is your preference
  • Don’t share pieces of equipment; once you’ve got a crome/hook/litterpicker please use only that one piece of equipment (unless you are in a family bubble in which case share away!).
  • Make us aware if we are doing anything that might risk the possibility of Covid transmission.
  • Take responsibility for your own and others’ health

It goes without saying that you should not attend if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or have been in recent contact with anyone diagnosed or suspected of having Covid-19 within the last two weeks. We also ask you to advise us if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 within two weeks of the work party.

With risk of mentioning them too often, two other events to be aware of:

  • Friday, 21st May – an additional Work Party. Full details will be sent nearer the date.
  • Mid-August-Mid September – Zero Tolerance (of Pennywort) month. We’ll be publishing further details in the next few weeks.

Stay safe!

Kind regards


MAS water closures

Slough House Farm
Totham Pit

Please be aware that Slough House Farm will be closed on Wednesday 7th of April for a team to gather fish for an EA Health check.
6am until 6pm.

Please also be aware that Totham Pit will be closed on Thursday 8th of April for a team to gather fish for an EA Health check.
6am until 6pm.

There will be a holding pen or some keepnets left in a swim on each water until the EA pick the fish up. Under no circumstances are they to be touched or disturbed until the EA have picked the fish up.

It is of vital importance that these health checks are done for the benefit of our fish, the waters and the membership, as it helps us to be able to plan future stocking, fish movements and to monitor the general health of the stock within our fisheries.

If you are one of those who has volunteered to help catch small specimens as of many different species as possible please come along any time from 6am.

If you would like to come and help, please let me know by messaging on here or by sending me a PM.

Thank you for your cooperation

Tight Lines

The MAS team


Little Park Small lake will be closed for the day this Sunday 28th of March.
We will be netting the lake, hopefully removing the large Bream and largest Carp, putting them into the larger lake.
This is not only to boost the silver fish stock in the larger lake, but to also put the Bream into a better environment for themselves.
A 2ft deep silty lake is not an ideal environment for Large Bream. We could only be one exceptionally bad winter or period of exceptionally low oxygen away from losing them all in water of that depth and siltiness, which would be a costly loss.
We also hope to boost the silver fish stock in the main lake by other means in the hopefully not too distant future too, as it seems to have become a lot more difficult for silvers in recent years.
We will keep you all updated on that.
Please do not come down to spectate as nettings can be dangerous with nets and ropes strewn about the place. We will of course update you all with pictures of how we got on.
Please also be aware that moving any fish from water to water is illegal unless you have the correct paperwork from the EA. We are almost certain that these Bream were not in the smaller lake a number of years ago, evident by a previously documented survey of the water.
Please leave any fish movements to the Fishery Management team who work closely with, and with guidance from the EA, with our landowners permission and have an agreed plan to work to.
If you see or hear of anyone, or see evidence of anyone illegally moving or poaching fish, please let us know (Try to get pictures as evidence)
It has happened before. Someone was once caught with a bucket of fish at Bog Grove, hence we now have Gudgeon, Roach, Chub and Ruffe in there that never previously existed.
Long lines have also been found in various waters over the years.
It will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the club and potentially taken further.
Tight Lines! ”</p

Angling Trust litter campaign, let’s all support this & keep our waters tidy for all

Dear members.
The Angling Trust are running the below “Take 5″ Initiative.
We are asking all members at the very least to adopt this 5 minute/5 item mentality before you start, or once you have finished your Angling session.
Unfortunately, if you study the type of waste and where it is found, probably about 90% of it is left by our ourselves as members.
This needs to stop ✋
Do you really think it reflects on us well as anglers when our landowners take a walk around their own waters?
It is bad enough now and is only going to get worse now that we are seeing more and more anglers on the bank as the weather picks up.
I will be carrying a roll of black sacks with me to every match and nominating someone to litter pick as we go around with the scales at the end of the match.
Bailiffs will be encouraged to carry on doing the same whilst out and about.
It is a given already that we do on Society Work Parties as a matter of course.
If we all work together, as a Society to do our bit as well as promoting this to our fellow members, we should have nice litter free waters.
It is not down to our Committee, Bailiffs and those that do tidy up after themselves to be the sole clean up operation.
We ALL need to take some responsibility.
Obviously, there are going to be the same old idiots/slobs (whatever we want to call them) who continue to leave rubbish, but it is up to us (with help from you members) to catch them and ban them.
There has always been a zero tolerance policy with regards litter, that will continue when caught.
It’s so easy to clean up after yourself and take your rubbish home and as someone posted a few weeks ago……..
Leave nothing but footprints,
Take nothing but photographs,
Kill nothing but time.
(What a wonderful motto to live by)
Thank you in advance for your cooperation "</p
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